Woman Cuts The Head Off A Fish And You’d Think That Would Kill It But Noooo

One way to kill a fish is to take it out of the water, where it can’t breathe, scrape out its guts, so it can’t function, and cut off its head, to really hammer the point home.

That works 100 times out of 100, unless that fish is ZOMBIE FISH.

Meet ZOMBIE FISH, who survives all these things and more. It’s like the Terminator. Maybe I’m mixing up my metaphors here, but whatever, because this fish is out of its mind, especially since it doesn’t have a brain anymore.

The science consensus is that the fish can use both its spinal cord and its brain to send signals to its body and that’s why it moves minus its noggin.

But we really know the truth. It’s the Terminator Zombie fish.

[Via First We Feast]