Fisherman Hooks A 500-Pound Shark And — HOLY CRAP!!!! — It Leaps Into The Air And Almost Lands On the Boat

by 3 years ago


Disclaimer: FAST FORWARD TO THE 2:00 mark of this video. That’s when things start happening…

Personally, I’m not a fan of shark fishing. I know it’s a thrill for some, but if I’m going fishing I’d rather catch something that will taste delicious when I fillet it and throw it on the grill. Sharks are just a waste of time. Like Mako steaks taste OK, but I’d still rather have rockfish or some tasty blues on my plate any day than that gamey meat.

This fisherman hooks a massive shark around the middle of this video. Just a few seconds later, it jumps into the air. Then it rockets TOWARDS THE BOAT before leaping a solid 12 feet. It’s like a scene from Sharknado IRL, but real and minus Tara Reid’s haggled body.

For the full experience, you really need to watch the video above with the audio on to hear the screams of fear. With a massive shark completely airborne to the bow of my tiny boat, I think I would have pooped my pants in this very moment. The look of terror on this man’s face says it all. What a HOLY SHIT moment.




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