Five Columbia Students Arrested for Selling Cocaine, Pot, Ecstasy, Adderall, and LSD in Frat Houses

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Looks like these guys were pushing some weight around. One guy brokered a $5,000 sale for 1½ pounds of marijuana to undercover NYPD cops. According to the Post,  cops also recovered “a bottle of LSD, ecstasy capsules, 15 Adderall pills, more than half a pound of pot and $2,000 in cash.” Here's NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly pullquote:
  • “The fact that a supplier to the Columbia students was willing to kill his rivals should demolish any argument that drugs on campus is a victimless crime,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “This is no way to work your way through college.”

Here's details about the link to traffickers in a turf war:

The probe also led police to three drug traffickers who supplied the students. Roberto Lagares, of Brooklyn, was arrested Sunday at his home in Bed-Stuy.

Two other drug suppliers were arrested Oct. 27 in the East Village. One of these defendants, identified as Miron Sarzynski, sold cocaine and LSD to undercover officers on seven occasions in the East Village and in Ridgewood, Queens.

Sarzynski also manufactured drugs for distribution at his apartment on East 6th St. with the help of his girlfriend Megan Asper, who cops said specialized in growing pot.

Sarzynski is also charged for attempting to kidnap a pair of rival cocaine traffickers who he believed had stolen money from him.

During the course of the investigation, police said Sarzynski tried to hire an undercover officer to help him with the kidnapping. His plan was to kidnap the victims at gunpoint, hold them for ransom and torture them by forcibly administering a heavy dose of LSD, authorities said.

Sarzynski also told the undercover officer that the victims would be killed if no ransom money was provided.

A criminal complaint charges that Sarzynski told the undercover officer he would shock the victims with a stun gun, hit them in the head and rob them.

“Then I would have done something gross like put a few drops of acid (LSD) in his mouth and then leave him there,” Sarzynski told the cop, according to authorities.

In the meantime, Gawker screencapped the Facebook pages of the alleged drug dealers. Hop on over there to see if you're friends of the accused on Facebook.

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