Five Videos of People Jumping Through Fire

by 8 years ago

‘Vanilla Ice’ Jumps Car Through Fire Into a Lake

It's pretty easy to hate on washed-up early-'90s multi-platinum rapper Vanilla Ice. However, it's awesome that he'll do just about anything for the Make a Wish Foundation and Toys for Tots. For example, here's a video of him jumping a '67 Cadillac through fire and into a pond. We're scratching our heads about why this stunt took six months of planning. We're also a little confused about the utter lack of concern over the fact that he couldn't get out of the car and got sucked under with the car. Oh well. It was a charity event, so they were probably all hammered on cheap chardonnay anyway.

The Weekly “Fire and Ice” Ski Jump at Whisler

Whistler-Blackcomb, locals, ring of fire, fire dancers: it sounds like literally every tourist's dream. During the winter ski and snowboard season in Whistler each year, there's an event where a jump is built at the base. A ring is set on fire and local skiers jump through it. Bad ass.

The New Orleans Hornets Mascot

On May 3, 2008, the New Orleans Hornets mascot caused a 19-minute stoppage thanks to a dunk though a ring of fire that wouldn't extinguish. Maybe that's why the team is now owned by David Stern and the NBA….

Robbie Knievel

Robbie Knievel, the son of Evel Knievel, jumped over the Mirage's 200-foot Vegas Volcano on a dirt bike in 2009. It's safe to say that “he made his father proud.”

Will Ferrell in “Old School”

And one that we couldn't keep out: Will Ferrell in the Wild Cat uniform from “Old School,” killing it with fire. Sure, it probably wasn't Ferrell in the costume, but still a hilarious scene.

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