Florida Has Now Joined the ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’ Prank Craze

by 4 years ago


Fuck her right in the pussy. It’s a pretty old saying, but for whatever reason it’s the craze that is sweeping — or slowly plodding through — the nation. We’ve even seen several people videobomb live news segments during the World Cup. I think we can all agree the prank is fun for the whole family, and decent sexual education for dudes confused about where to fuck her.

Now, Florida wants in on the fun and, in typical Florida fashion, the news actually deemed reporting on a recent FHRITP incident newsworthy. The ball was in their court. They didn’t have to give the prankster his moment in the sun with live fucking news coverage. But we’re talking about Florida here, people, they don’t operate with anything less than total recklessness. Thank God for that.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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