Florida Man Painted His House to be a Gigantic American Flag, Terrible People Don’t Like It

by 5 years ago


I just caught this over on one of our favorite Twitter accounts, American as Fuck and naturally we had to post because A) ‘MERICA and B) we’re outraged that people would dare ask Brent Greer of Bradenton, Fla. to paint his house, which is now a majestic American flag.

What is difficult to understand about this, shitheads of Bradenton? The house is a flag now and we treat our flags with respect in this country. From where I’m sitting, painting over it would be desecration and a crime against freedom. Get your collective heads out of your asses, Bradenton. The flag house is awesome. The flag house needs to stay. End of story.

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[H/T: American As Fuck via Washington Post]