Florida Used Truck Dealership Offers Free AK-47 with Every Truck Sold

by 9 years ago

The promotion, as you probably guessed, is f*ckin' killing it. Nation's Trucks general sales manager has said that since the hand cannon promotion started last week, the dealership has more than doubled their sales. This just goes to show you how f*cking dumb some people are when the smallest incentive presents itself. The gun, while really really awesome, retails for only $400! And, civilians can buy one. I know this because the dealership is just sending them to a gun shop to get their free gun. So either these people all just needed non-certified used trucks or they are f*cking idiots.

This incentive package, as you probably also could have guessed, has not gone without complaint, either. I mean, anytime you decide to hand out guns to the general public, there is bound to be both whiners and casualties. So far we only have whiners, but I'm hopeful for more. The sales manager, however, fires back at those opposing this idea by saying, “My buyer is absolutely a gun owner, no question.” Well, chief, it's kind of impossible for them not to be, now isn't it?

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