Former Prisoners Shared Tales About The Creepiest, Scariest Things That They Saw In Prison

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When former prisoners share the creepiest, scariest, weirdest things that they saw while in prison you know things are more than likely going to go way off the rails.

It’s stories like these that get taken and turned into entire horror films or at least a segment on some crime show.

Now, thanks to Redditor boblo1121 who asked the masses, “Former prisoners of Reddit, what was the weirdest/scariest/creepiest thing you saw in prison?” we get to learn these stories before that ever happens.

Cool, uh, right?

You be the judge. Pun intended.

When I was in NY prison, I saw someone get a buck 50. The worst though is a practice where someone will heat up babyoil or Vaseline, sometimes throw shit like rice in it, and throw the scalding hot concoction at another person’s face. They will literally peel their skin off trying to get it off them.

The oddest thing I saw was an older white man would shit himself, because he had such an extreme aversion to going to the showers, or bathroom. His fear was completely unfounded, as that “rape” shit is a misconception. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but it is extremely unlikely.

I’ve seen a lot of extortion (usually gang members going after a young white kid) “friendly extortion” where a person says they’ll look out for you and make sure your commissary doesn’t get taken if they buy them X,y,z. I say white people because they generally are alone, not gang affiliated and not used to being locked up. It depends on the person. Wolves exist in all colors, as do sheep. When I was in Jersey prison, I saw a lot more white gangs (AB,Sps,Dwb) but the mentality there was different (more stick with your own and they weren’t on the same bullshit as the bloods and crips). I’m white, never had issues like extortion and the one fight I got in was in a “gladiator school” which is generally a prison comprised of people below a certain age. The fight was over a sneak thief, some blood trying to steal my commissary. Nothing came of that, as being a thief is frowned upon and he had few lumps and hurt pride to show for it.

TL;DR microwaves and oil are bad, gangs are mostly full of scared people that need a group to be respected,don’t fuck with a man’s ramen noodles and honey buns. ~ irishpride0220

Gnarliest things I saw in 31 months of incarceration (in no order):

– Baby oil + 190 degree water directly to the face (4 times total).
– Someone got clipped with a lock in a sock just beside their nose and that part of the face got caved in a little.
– The worst was seeing a dude get caught just right with a cribbage board. Eyeball was hanging out a little.

There was also a bunch of small stuff/regular fights, chicken hawks operating, weak people being taken advantage of. Guards beating the shit out of guys, suicides. ~ solid_diarrhea

Not me, but my old housemate told me some shit he saw in prison.

This one guy narked on these guys for doing prison tatts, so they found him in the rec room, beat the shit out of him, then two of them ripped the tv off the wall (the old CRTs), and literally smashed it on his face. ~ Kl3mm

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