Remember How Brazzers Offered A Free Membership To Air Canada Pilots? The First Pilot Just Claimed His

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The porn industry gets such an unfairly bad rap. Did you know that in regions where pornography is readily available that sex crimes have either decreased, or at least not increased? And when you sit down and think about it, porn isn’t really physically hurting anyone. Sure getting a giant shot of splooge in your eye burns like hell, but I’m sure there’s people on set ready with towels so people can get that shit off their faces. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes while reading this, but I’ll have you know that when it comes to safety while travelling by air and porn, Brazzers has got your back.

For one thing, no one wants their pilot to be distracted by porn while flying a plane. So what did Brazzers do? They offered a free membership to any Air Canada pilot for the entirety of their employment with the airline.

And you know what? The first free membership has been claimed.


Unfortunately for “BlazingPuppies”, Brazzers quickly found out that while he technically does hold a valid pilot’s license, he works for Air Canada in some position that isn’t a pilot. Kinda cheating, yeah? It’s okay though, since Brazzers has a good sense of humor about it:


Can you think of a single company that would be like “Well that’s technically cheating, but okay you can have a consolation prize anyway”? I’m officially on team Brazzers, throw me a jersey and I’ll rep that shit all day ‘erry day.

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