This Tinder Pickup Line Involves Sex With Frozen Hot Dogs And Duh It Worked Because Thirsty Tinder Chicks

by 3 years ago


On one hand I’m sitting here reading this like “Ew, have some standards will you?” But on the other hand I’m like “Well this is kind of creative so if I said I wouldn’t reply I’d be lying.” I suppose as long as Logan isn’t serious about banging his poor match with hot dogs it’ll all be A-Okay, but then again if he shows up to their first date with a grocery bag full of meat there’s probably reason to worry.



Looks like Logan’s trying for a foursome with himself, his match, the match’s roommate and a package of hotdogs. Might as well swing for the fences while you’ve got her responding to offers of hot dog orgies.

[H/T Reddit]


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