Could You Imagine Having Sperm With 120-Foot Long Tails In Your Balls? That’s What These Fruit Flies Have



Sperm are fucking tiny, yo. Without boring you by looking up some science facts about guy sperm, I’ll tell you they are small. The tail of your sperm is probably something like one-one millionth of your height.

And that sounds to me like a normal ratio for sperm tail length to person body size.

But that’s not how the fruit fly rolls, who is a Mickey Avalon song with wings.

They have sperm tails that are six centimeters long. You’ve seen how long a fruit fly is, right? You know those little things that buzz around your sink all of July? That thing has sperm with two inch long tails. From Science News:

In certain fruit fly species, such as Drosophila bifurca, males measuring just a few millimeters produce sperm with a tail as long as 5.8-centimeters, researchers report May 25 in Nature. Adjusted for body size, the disproportionately supersized sperm outdoes such exuberant body parts as pheasant display feathers, deer antlers, scarab beetle horns and the forward-grasping forceps of earwigs.

Talk about shooting a roper.

Since the average fruit fly is only a few millimeters long, that makes its sperm tails up to twenty times longer than its body.

If the same ratio existed in you, you could unleash loads 120 feet long. The cumshot game dun got changed.

Wanna see a picture?


Science News

Look at that fucking shit. How does it not get tied in knots? How does one even swim with that? Imagine trying to kick your foot in a pool with 100 feet of rope tied to it. You’d get nowhere.

Other species. They’re fucking weird.

[Via Science News]

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