Watch Hundreds Of Full-Grown Adults Race Down A Hill On Big Wheels And Kids Trikes In Wacky Costumes

Who doesn’t love trying to relive their childhood as an adult? I do, but that’s mostly because I’m an overgrown manchild who still thinks Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop Tarts and Capri Sun are part of a balanced breakfast

What this huge group of 20-something and 30-somethings did is so chill, though. They threw a Big Wheels and trike race on a hilled street, just like the ones you threw with your friends except with beer and the possibility of bumping uglies with a mutually-interested party afterwards. Most of the participants are on trikes, though there are a couple Big Wheels in the mix.

This is shooting straight to the top of my summer activities bucket list. Such a solid throwback to your backyard glory days.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser Big Wheel is like riding a luxury whip compared to everyone else’s vehicle. this girl’s Thomas the Tank engine. There’s no way that’s comfortable to sit on.

bigwheels - 1


Check out this dude on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile:

bigwheels - 2


Shout out to pizza:

bigwheels - 3


Zach Galifianakis in Brooks Brothers clothing? Dude, couldn’t you have at least tried to not look like you just came from your job in dad’s law firm?

bigwheels - 4


Love this chick. She’s where the party’s at. Also, look at that dude going spread eagle on his trike. Hope he has a cup on because a crash is surely going to crush a testicle.

bigwheels - 5


Bad vehicle choice, Bro. That thing is like trying to race a school bus on a NASCAR track.

bigwheels - 6


This guy is so stoned. I love it. Maybe we can trade mid-90s Phish bootlegs after the race is over.

bigwheels - 7