These Are The Funniest Porn Comments In The History Of The Internet, So Get Ready To Be Offended

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If you’re the type of person who leaves comments on the Internet then God bless you for having more drive in this world than I ever have. If you’re leaving them on BroBible then I want you to know that I appreciate your feedback for better or worse, but if you’re leaving comments on porn sites I want you to know that you’re doing the Lord’s work and it does NOT go unappreciated I’ve just never cared enough about anything I’ve seen on another website to leave a comment, which I guess says a lot about me being a lazy ass, but the comments on porn sites have never ceased to make me laugh and I think if I were to ever get into the Internet commenting game I’d start with the porn sites because they easily have the best comment sections. In the past I’ve featured some porn comments that were illustrated using LEGO but this is different, what you see below are the best porn comments in the history of the Internet (via AskReddit):

Seriously? After 20 minutes of getting to choke this gorgeous girl with his cock, two little poots of cum is all he could manage? Pathetic. I registered an account just so I could leave this comment in hopes he sees it one day. Fronting like you’re some alpha male, while Elizabeth is performing her heart out, and what do you give her? Two tiddlywinks of cum? I’ve never felt so personally offended by porn before. You’re a real asshole, pal.

“master wayne doesn’t know i use the bat-computer for this”

I posted a video once on Motherless (it’s since been deleted) and one of the comments said, “You are amazing at deepthroating, I bet you could swallow a John Cena figurine whole”.

“Give her the dick.” -Descartes
A classic.

“Most MILFS are usually just women over 25. But, I swear to God if you looked in her purse you’d find half a dozen fruit snacks.”

“You’re doing great honey, mom says she loves you!”

Please come home, your father and I miss you. We don’t understand why you’re doing this.
It’s a copy paste I know but still amusing

“I have that same ikea bed”
Funnily enough, i also had the same ikea bed.

The other day I saw “nice hemorrhoid” on /r/gonewild, accompanied by various solutions and treatment options for the afflicted

It was a video tagged with bukakke and only 1 dude with 1 chick, “you must construct additional pylons”, laughed for a solid minute

A week or so after FallOut 4 came out I saw an account on Pornhub named Preston Garvey who always left the same comment.
“Hurry up and finish, another settlement needs your help”

‘Did she bury her ex in the backyard? Cause ain’t no way he left all those pinball machines behind’

“I got two balls and a big fat weineroni way up in the air goin oh yeaaaah nice stuff I love porn you guys love porn too right? We all love porn and I don’t mind talking with ya’ll about it. Ohh yeah just a bunch of dudes hangin out in a comments section talkin about how we all jizzed to the same video good stuff boy I wish my wife was still alive so I could talk about how she could learn a thing or two from this shit one love salvia and I’m out ())::::::::::::::::::D that what ma dik look like”

“Lol that’s somebody’s daughter”

Someone asked for a good recipe that uses apples, and several people replied with apple pie recipes.

Some guy who possibly was a doctor in real life saying the male pornstar had a abnormal mole and needed to get it checked out… I fucking died in laughter.

“i never understood the appeal of the 2 sinks i mean look at how much sq. footage they are wasting in that apartment because of it. They should knock one out and put in a walk in closet to increase their homes value”

“This makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2.”

As always I invite you bros to share the best/funniest you’ve ever seen on the web. If you’re looking to read more from the AskReddit thread where the comments above came from you can click here, but if you want to really laugh your ass off I suggest checking out this collection of porn comments superimposed onto pictures of LEGOs.

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