Funny Video Shows It’s Not Easy Making New Guy Friends

by 7 years ago

Depsite seemingly having everything in common, these two guys can't seem to hit it off. Clearly the less alarming version of Blake from “Workaholics” needs some serious work on his man-flirt, but all things considered there's really no reason these two shouldn't be at least casual acquaintances. 

The impossibility of making dude friends without the forced social settings of high school, college, and work is a fascinating one. Although I'm fairly new to this adult game, its pretty easy to see how this whole thing develops. People simply aren't down to go through the often arduous process that goes along with male courtship, mostly because it often interrupts the routine males have steadily been working towards post-college. This can be easily explained by breaking down the routine of “Stan,” the everyman featured in those new Corona Light Commericals:

Eat: Morning breakfast is either a solo process, or one done with the missus. Regardless, the typical Bro is tired as f*ck and doesn't need an overexcited clown to talk about how dope the game was. Everyone knows it was dope. 

Work: May have a few buddies here, but a lot of the times these are strictly work friends. Essentially the same thing as “school friends”–people you joked around with in 10th grade chemistry, but never hung out once outside of school. There are of course exceptions, but this isn't the typical meeting new dudes environment. 

Gym: Prime-time for new dude interaction, except that most of these interactions will consist of “can I hop on?” or “you still using that?” The consistent gym-goer will quickly form dude friendships consisting of head-nods and unsubstantial small-talk, but a legitmate friendship will likely take several years. 

Shower: Again, solo or with the missus.

Bar/Beer: As aptly stated in the video, most people already have all the Bros they need. Drained from the day, the prospect of hearing about a whole new set of girl problems might be the least appealing thing of all time. 

Sleep: Nope. 

The only shake-up to this routine, as shown at the end of the commercial, happens during an impromptu weekend adventure. And since the weekend is high-time to capitalize on the lowered inhibition's of “woo-girls” all across America, there is simply no time for Bro-sheshing. 

Well, there you have it folks. Take a good look at the Bros you have now–you guys are in it for the long haul. 

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