The Galactic Cap is the World’s Least Annoying Condom. How It Works Will Blow Your Goddamn Mind

by 5 years ago


Condoms. Prophylactics. Scumbags. Curd Catchers. WHATEVER you call them…they’re an annoying necessity when it comes to having sex with a lady you don’t know or don’t want to get to know on a “let’s raise this kid together” level. Most guys hate everything about condoms, except the no kids – no STDs outcome they usually provide. From buying them, to wearing them, none of it is particularly fun. That is until the Galactic Cap came along and changed the goddamn game. It’s a cap that you put on the tip of your penis and it solves all of life’s problems. Well, maybe not, but at least you can feel the drunk sex you’re having when you use one.

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