A Couple Lions Bro Down By Having Sex With Each Other After A Lady Lion Rebuffs Their Advances

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It’s happened to every Bro. You and your boy head out Friday night, dressed fresh, ready to mack on some biddies at the bar. You’re feeling it, in the mood to rock some cooch all night, but the ladies aren’t digging it. All that fire you are spitting is ignored. Your bud is striking out, too.

So, dejected, you and your boy head back to your house where you just take turns fucking each other.

That’s… not happened to you?


Well, it happened to a couple lions in Botswana. Spotted by lawyer Nicole Cambré while on safari, two lion dudes who fucked each other because the pregnant lioness near them seemed uninterested.

Hot damn look at them lion bros fuck!

And if this doesn’t remind you of one of the greatest scenes from one of the best movies ever, I don’t know what to tell you.

If you’ve never seen Slackers, go watch it today.

[Via Daily Mail]

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