Genoa Fans Got So Fed Up With Their Team They Demanded Them to Surrender Jerseys

by 7 years ago

Alberto Malesani's men found themselves 4-0 down after only 53 minutes of play, but Luigi Giorgi's fourth goal for the visitors proved to be the final straw for many, who began throwing various items onto the pitch.

The club's ultras then took action by blocking the entrance to the dressing room as they wanted the players to hand their jerseys over on the grounds that they were not “worthy” of the colours.

All of the Genoa players incredibly cooperated, except loan striker Giuseppe Sculli, who refused to remove his shirt, while wing back Giandomenico Mesto broke down in tears.

Captain Marco Rossi, who was given the responsibility of taking the jerseys and passing them on to the ultras, proceeded to go over to the group of supporters in a bid to bargain with them.

In the meantime, referee Paolo Tagliavento managed to enter the dressing room, while club president Enrico Preziosi also made his way to the pitch and gathered the players in a huddle.

Yeah, this type of behavior will have all kinds of players pining to play for the fledgling Serie A squad. What player wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?

Can you imagine if this type of thing flew stateside? Alex Rodriguez wouldn’t have even bothered putting a uniform on the past 10 years.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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