Germany Wants Tourists To Fuck The Locals So Badly They’ve Set Up This Instructive Website On How To Do So

by 2 years ago

Germany wants everyone to know that the locals are there to be railed by foreign tourists. The government is actively encouraging fornication between the locals and tourists, and they’re so amped up on Germans fucking foreigners that they’ve just dropped $136,000 on a sex-ed website designed to educate travelers in the art of seduction and love.

This website was created by the German Federal Center for Health Education and it’s being specifically targeted at foreigners, according to UPI. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect on Zanzu:

German Sex Education Website Zanzu

German Sex Education Website Zanzu

German Sex Education Website Zanzu

The website (you can visit Zanzu by clicking here) offers up information on how to court locals, interact with them, and the best ways to broach the topic of hiznitting the skizzins (bumpin’ uglies). There’s even some information in there, as you can see above, on how to have sex with a pregnant woman (audio included).

At a time when half of America’s politicians are attempting to defund Planned Parenthood it’s almost shocking to see the Germany government create a website entirely designed to offer free sex education, a site that encourages fornication, and I have to say that I’m impressed. Can you even imagine a politician in America proposing something like this? They’d get skewered alive by their buttoned up counterparts and laughed off Capitol Hill…which is sad, I think. It would be nice if hot Swedish and German women showed up in America armed with the knowledge of how to get American bros into bed, wouldn’t it? Tell me it wouldn’t be awesome to have these German women showing up looking for sweet love?

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