Is a Dating Website for Ghosts

According to

Introducing, a dating website where ghosts can meet attractive ghost-lovers like me who are posing as ghosts.

The cornerstone of the site is a state-of-the-art search engine, which not only sorts single ghosts by their gender and age (18 years old to 1000+ years), but lets you choose between people who died horrible, mysterious, tragic or sudden deaths.

Just build a profile, complete with information like your build (wispy, ethereal, cloudy) and how you found the site (seance, fate), and you're released to frolic with the prettiest poltergeists in the universe.

After haunting the site for exactly 13 minutes, I managed to narrow my field of potential partners to four candidates. But I'm having trouble picking just one sexy spectre.

Here are two profiles from to see what it looks like. They, along with the entire site, are ever worthy of a very loud “DaFuq did I just read?” might have become something beautiful for people who want to get sexual with ghosts, but sadly it will likely become a troll farm within 48 hours. Enjoy it while it lasts, ya weird ghost fuckers.

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