This Girl Accidentally Asked Her Friend To Have A Threesome With Her And Her Boyfriend And The Answer Was YES

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I’m sure the majority of the guys out there reading this have gotten down on their knees and prayed to every major and minor deity they could find on Wikipedia for a threesome. Maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but you’ve at least thought to yourself “Well that’s something I wouldn’t necessarily mind.” Asking your girlfriend to find another girl to bang around with you two doesn’t typically go well, and neither does approaching random chicks and popping the question. So what’s a guy to do? Apparently the answer is “have your girlfriend ask chicks,” because that’s what happened to Redditor whereweleftoff and it seemingly worked.

I was texting a friend who isn’t super close to my boyfriend or myself, and we were talking about plans to get together tomorrow night with a few other girls. My boyfriend looks over, sees her name, and says “Ask her for a threesome!!”, which I assumed was a joke. I didn’t realize the “speech to text” function was on (on Android keyboards its placed right next to the space bar) and the message I sent wrote as:

-hey lets meet for pizza first we can go back to my place later. For a three some.
Without missing a beat, she replied:
-With [whereweleftoff’s boyfriend]??? Did he tell you we talked about that lol

My boyfriend was back to his video games and doesn’t know she said this. I didn’t think they knew each other very well at all, why would they be talking about having a threesome god dammit!!

Hey, don’t be mad. Be happy it wasn’t an awkward-as-hell question and that you’re getting a freebie threeway out of it.

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