Girl Asks Her Grandma For BJ Advice And Gets WAY MORE DETAIL Than She Ever Expected

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For some reason a girl decided to ask her grandma for some advice on how to give a proper BJ. She ended up learning WAY MORE than she could have ever anticipated.

I guess the girl thought it would be funny to ask her grandma about it, but it turns out that she ended up being one that got got when granny went into MAJOR detail.

It all began like this when the girl entered the car…

“You know I really love my boyfriend, grandma. So here’s the thing. I’m just going to say it. I don’t know how to say it. My boyfriend said he’s going to leave me if I don’t learn how to suck dick, right? So can you give me any ideas or pointers on how to do it?”

All fun and games, right? Just wait…

At first, grandma was pretty low-key, just saying, “The best way is the way he like.”

But then the wheels really started to come off when the girl presses her for more help and grandma replies…

“Just like your finger. And start licking like a lollipop — like you do candy. You never had ice cream before? Well there you go. Nawww, you still remember how you ate that ice cream. We can get you one to practice. It’s like about your imagination.”

Then, because her granddaughter obviously hadn’t heard enough, grandma went in for the kill shot…

“How would you like your clit to be licked? Well, you asked the question. It’s all the same — if you like it well, then do it well.”

Game over at that point as the girl runs from the car while cracking the hell up.

Way to go, grandma. Love it.

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