Girl Getting Belly Button Pierced Panics, Punches Piercing Guy Straight In The Nuts When He Pokes Her With Needle

Sometimes you’re the hammer, other times you’re the nail. In this case the poor dude doing the piercing was the nail and that girl’s iron fist was the hammer – but first, why are you getting your belly button pierced if you can’t handle a little pain? This guy’s just trying to do his job and you’re runnin’ around punching him in the nutsack at every given opportunity. You’re giving him what, $80? $90? $100 tops and then you go and knock him out? That’s not worth the money. If she’s a good lady she’ll throw in at least another $50 to ease the pain in his throbbing balls, and if she’s a piece of shit she’ll just get up and leave without a piercing, leaving this poor guy on the ground in a fetal position without another care in the world.