Hot Girl Shoots A Bow And Arrow ACCURATELY With Her Feet While Doing A Handstand On Traffic Cones

girl bow and arrow handstand

YouTube - Re Tri Circo

Yes, you read that headline right? And really, it doesn’t even tell the whole story. Not only does this woman, Dominique Martins, shoot a bow and arrow with pinpoint accuracy using her feet, that handstand she’s doing on a couple of traffic cones is way more than just your average handstand. It truly is one hell of a unique skill-set she owns and she’s better at doing it than anything you’ve ever been good at in your entire life.

It’s so utterly ridiculous it’s almost beyond comprehension. How exactly does one discover that they have this ability? Oh, did I mention that she’s a circus performer?

And this wasn’t just a one time thing…

Let’s see Dude Perfect try that trick sometime.

If this turns out to be another hoax like that Lars Andersen dude we got all excited about I am going to be so pissed.

H/T The Daily Dot