Girl Caught Having A Public Threesome At The Calgary Stampede Has A+ Response For The Haters, Involves A Cucumber

Unfortunately the story we brought you late last week about Alexis Frulling, the girl who someone filmed having a threesome with two dudes in cowboy hats at the Calgary Stampede, had to be removed from our website. Apparently we’re not allowed to link to photos of people having threesomes (who knew?), and so the story was taken down. Bummer. But lucky for you all ya gotta do is do a quick Google search for “Calgary stampede threesome” and BOOM, thousands on thousands of matches for the exact story I’m talking about:


While the Internet was quick to judge Alexis (myself included, although I judged the two men as well because I hate everyone equally) she did not give a single fuck. At all. Alexis Frulling is literally my new spirit animal with how little she cares about the whole thing, and the video up top? A work of art. According to Alexis she can’t really say she’s “proud” of the whole thing but she’s definitely not ashamed, and if her unabashed chowing down on that cucumber is any indication of things to come, girlfriend is gonna do big things.

And no, I didn’t mean that as a pun…but I love that it works both ways.

[H/T Metro]

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