Watching This Girl Choke Her Brother Out In The Strangest, Most Kinky Way Possible Is Giving Me A Fear Boner

by 4 years ago

…if I could get boners, that is. Even though I can’t comment on whether or not in fact you’ll get a fear boner watching this, I can say that as someone who has a brother, this is weird as fuck. Making it even weirder is the fact that the guy took to his sister casually sitting on his shoulders like it was an everyday thing. That’s weird. Like you can go and do that to your boyfriend or whatever, but your brother? Creeeepy. Couple with the whole “teehee I choked you out!” attitude and I get the feeling they’ve got some gross incest relationship going on and he spunked all over the inside of his pants right before he passed out. Welcome to the Internet, where you’ll end up watching porn even if you’re not trying to watch porn.