Young Girl Cries Happy Tears After Receiving A VERY Special Doll

by 3 years ago

Courtney Fletcher Bennett, Facebook

Ok bros, get your hankies…

A 10-year-old girl might have just gotten the best, most personable gift of all time. A mother by the name of Courtney Fletcher Bennett decided to contact a company called A Step Ahead Prosthetics and get a doll specially crafted for her young daughter. What was so special about this doll? It had a prosthetic limb exactly like the young girl.

It’s a special thing to see a child so young find so much happiness in a moment and a gift like this. The 10-year-old can be seen sobbing in happiness after unwrapping the gift and yeah, did this room all of a sudden get real dusty?

Well played, mom.

[H/T Courtney Fletcher Bennett, Facebook]