Try Not To Cry Watching This Little Girl Get Moved To Tears After Opening A Christmas Gift Honoring Her Late Grandfather

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The Ramos family suffered a devastating tragedy last year when their beloved grandfather died of a stroke as he was getting robbed at a car wash.

Jennifer Ramos, a 16-year-old from Oklahoma, told Buzzfeed News:

“We’re used to having my grandpa around for the holidays. It’s been really sad for us not having him.”

In remembrance of their grandfather, Ramos’ aunt purchased Jennifer’s two little sisters, Mariana and Sarahy, a teddy bear that when squeezed, mutters an inside joke in the voice of their grandpa.

Mariana’s reaction literally brought tears to my eyes. And I haven’t cried since they took Four Loko off the shelves.

Let it out, bro. Crying doesn’t make you less of a man.

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