Girl On Dating App ‘Bumble’ Hits On Guys By Talking To Them Using Only Taylor Swift Lyrics

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Bumble is a dating app similar to Tinder, but with a catch. And that catch is that girls have the burden of starting the conversation. When a match is made, the pressure is 100% on the girl to kick things off. She shot clock, too. If she doesn’t say something within the first 24 hours, her match disappears.

This seems like the ideal app to me. Sure, as a guy I want to take charge, but figuring out what to say other than “hey” and “what’s up?” is often difficult. Sometimes humor and sentiment are lost in text, and you can easily come off sounding lame or like a sexual predator. And no one wants that, not even actual sexual predators. Although I probably shouldn’t speak for them, I have no idea how they want to be perceived.

Bumble allows dudes to just sit back, feeling no pressure whatsoever, while the chicks have to come up with something clever to start the conversation. It’s perfect. And one girl’s idea of “something clever” was kicking off all of her conversations by talking in only Taylor Swift lyrics. Not a bad approach.


BlankSpace2 Fearless HeyStephen LoveStory LoveStory2 ShakeItOff SparksFly You'reNotSorry YouBelongWithMe YouBelongWithMe2 22 OurSong Style


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