This Girl Who Got A Surprise Dick Pic From Her Fiance’s Dad Is Your Cringe-Inducing Tale Of The Day

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Here’s a story you don’t hear everyday when people are preparing to settle down and get married.

A woman, 25, is in a relationship with a man, also 25, and is pregnant with the couple’s first child. They are also engaged and are planning to get married. Well, at least they were. Now who knows since her fiance’s dad decided that sending her a picture of his wiener was a great idea.

Here’s her whole cringe-inducing story as she shared it on Reddit

I have been dating Buck for 4 years now we met in college, really amazing guy, good looking. His family mainly his sisters and mother [55F, 24F, 27F] have been really welcoming and really welcomed me and my mother & sister into their family. They are a close family so we all live in the same city and they normally hang out every Saturday. I am pregnant with our first child. We both have our dream jobs and everything is fine apart from his father

That’s called foreshadowing right there.

I get aggressively hit on by men when I go out, it’s part of the reason why when I am in a relationship I rarely go out to bars or anything like that. If my friends want to hang out we normally go to the mall and even then some guys comes up and talks to us. I am not a cheater, I hate cheaters my father cheated on my mother and it tore my family apart. So I have gotten my fair share of unwanted dick pics is what I am trying to get at. So one thing I will never do is cheat on buck.

See that video up top? Seems like some people she knows should probably watch it.

[His] father and mother are divorced and 2 weeks ago I met his father for the first time. His father lives on the other side of the country in New York with his new wife. His father flew out to see his children and this was my first time meeting him in person. He seemed nice enough completely different from the rest of the family. He seemed really cold and to the point.

We exchanged details just to you know, stay in contact because he is my fiance father. His father seemed rather closed off and he stated he hated leaving NY and hated people in general. Buck and his father are not close like he is to the rest of the family. They seem to only communicate because they are father and son. They just don’t seem to really like each other.

Hmmm… why would anyone not like her fiance’s dad I wonder?

Over night I got a message on Facebook from him and it was a picture of him holding his dick, one flaccid and one erect. With the words after it “You Like red?” I have red hair so that’s why he called me that.

Buck is still sleeping and I am not sure how to address this with him and my friends will just cause a huge fucking drama, like they always do. I just need some advice please.

Ahhh, that’s why someone wouldn’t like him. I see now.

Naturally, this being Reddit, people were chock full of solutions, but this one was definitely the best…

You have to tell him. There is no happy ending from not telling him. Either he finds out later, or his father keeps harassing you.

When he wakes up, an easy script is “Hon, your father sent me a dick pic and I’m really creeped out!” and take it from there. He should be the one to handle his father from now on.

Guess what? That’s exactly what she did…

I told him and well, this is one of the few times I have seen him legitimately angry. He tried to get hold of his father and his father is not answering the phone. He told me to block him on facebook and I did,

He is on the phone to his sister or mom, I am sure who right now.

Unfortunately that’s how the story ends.

Man, can you imagine what the holidays are going to be like if these two actually do end up getting married? I don’t think the word awkward comes even close to covering it.

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