This Hot Girl Driving A Big Ass Truck Is The Ultimate Redneck Viagra

BROS! Did you know that October is Truck Month? Lemme pull a Tim McGraw on you — TRUCK YEAH! That’s the only reason I’m letting you know about this ridiculous video of a hot girl driving a “Big Ass Truck” a.k.a. a good, ole fashion “small penis truck” as we call them in the backwoods hillbillie town I’m from in Pennsyltucky.

I don’t know why you’d ever need a truck like this. Running over walkers in a Zombie Apocalypse? Being prepared for when society crumbles and the world becomes a little bit more like Mad Max? Maybe just burning through some fossil fuels that are unsustainably cheap right now because ‘MURICA!!!

Since it’s truck month, if you’re bored you really should check out the website she’s advertising — It’s a very nice guide to what overcompensating looks like.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.51.30 PM