True Romance: Girl With Nice Dumper Falls Off Stage During Marriage Proposal At EDM Festival

by 1 year ago

When you think of asking your soulmate to spend the rest of your lives together you want to pop the question in a romantic setting such as a in front of the Eifel Tower in Paris or during a gondola ride in Venice, Italy or while at a performance by Crizzly during the Lights All Night EDM music festival in Dallas, Texas. Because if there’s one thing that will set a girl’s heart afire it is stopping Crizzly before he performs his hit song “Drop Dat Ass” so you can get onstage and ask your one true love for her hand in marriage.

This was the power move that Jack Jackson did when he asked his girlfriend Endyugi Soedarsono to marry him. You could say she was taken aback by the proposal. So much so that she fell off the stage.

Dat ass tho.

“So embarrassing, hahaha, I’m okay tho… still in shock….. but he did good! Hehe,” Endyugi said. “Lmao, my whole damn body hurts.”

Dat ass tho.

“Thank you for capturing the perfect moment I literally fell for him,” the lucky lass said.

GET IT!?!?!

Dat ass tho.

Good luck to the happy couple.

Call me if it doesn’t work out.


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