GIRL FIGHT! Lady Starts Throwing Haymakers At Another Girl In The Line At The DMV

by 3 years ago


The DMV is hell on earth. Satan himself designed it just to torture humanity while still in the flesh. Which is no surprise that fights at the DMV happen all the time. And there ain’t no fight like a DMV fight.

My sources are pretty lousy on the video above and I’m pretty sure it’s a couple years old, but holy shit that woman opened up a can of (unprovoked, completely uncalled for) whoop ass in the DMV line. Her punches are like the punches a robot would throw — Do her elbows even bend?

That poor security guard looks like he just got done eating a tuna fish sandwich for lunch and is like “dammit, this shit again?” I feel for him…

Oh, while we’re at it… Here’s another DMV fight from Deerfield Beach, Florida from this past December. She was arrested shortly after assaulting that security guard. Fucking Florida, amirite?

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