Girl With World’s Most Ridiculous Case Of FOMO Ever Travels Around The World Recreating A Travel Blogger’s Instagram Pics

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I like to travel. I like it when my friends on Instagram vacation in exotic locations. I’m all about breathtaking ‘grams of people enjoying themselves around the blue skies and crystal clear blue water in Greece or St. Tropez or The Maldives. Sometimes I get a nasty case of FOMO from other people’s Instagram pics, tinged with jealousy that I didn’t have a similar getaway planned.

What this girl did, however, is straight psychotic. Laurne Bullen is a travel blogger behind the Instagram account Gypsea Lust. She’s carved out a dream job traveling the world and taking beautiful pictures for her 700,000+ Instagram followers, presumably supported by brands.

Here’s where it gets creepy: Another globe-trotting Instagram user, @Diana_Alexa, was following in her footsteps around the world, literally taking carbon copy pics in the same location, just inserting herself and traveling companions. Diana_Alexa barely had any followers and copied Gypsea Lust’s pics, making for what might be the world’s worst case of FOMO ever documented.

Check out the side-by-side comparisons that Elite Daily put together. How creeped out would you be if this happened to you?

After being very publicly called out, Diana_Alexa has deleted her Instagram account. But her Instagram trail of bread crumbs remains:




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