Girl Has Explicit Meltdown When Guy Matches Her On Tinder Without Reading Her Insane Dating Criteria

Dating in 2016 is hard. People either wanna settle down or run around and fuck everything, and for the life of me it seems like I never wind up matching with someone who has the same end-goals as me. When I wanna run around and stick my dick into everything the only girls I can find want long term relationships, and when I’m in my blue period lookin’ for permanent love I can only find chicks who list me at fourth in their little black book of hookups.

And that’s me playing on “easy” mode – swiping right on anything that’s a six or above. Reading Spencer’s Tinder profile, it appears that she’s playing on “death” mode, as her profile…

…is fucking nuts.

You know what’s also fucking nuts? The conversation that Spencer had after some poor guy swiped right without reading her essay on dating criteria:

[Via Imgur]