Hypochondriac Girl On Dating App Bumble Is Hitting On Guys By Telling Them WebMD Symptoms She’s Experiencing

by 4 years ago


WebMD’s gift also happens to be its curse. The site allows us to kinda/sorta figure out what that new spot on our dick or leg or face is, but it’s never that easy is it? As much as most of us ABHOR going to the doctor, we also hate the feeling we get after we look up our symptoms on WebMD and subsequently self-diagnosis ourselves with cancer or ALS or HIV or Lupus (Lupus?!? Is it Lupus!?!). Yet, we continue to do it. WedMD is always the first, idiotic step in our process — actual medical emergencies notwithstanding.

The next step in figuring out what’s wrong with us usually also doesn’t involve going to an actual medical doctor. Fuck that, we need to exhaust all resources before we willingly sit in a weird smelling waiting room. So we ask our friends.  They do what they can to ease our worries, but they also have no fucking clue.

That’s when we finally go to the doctor and learn that nothing is physically wrong with us. Mentally, we’re a goddamn mess, but physically we’re fine.

That’s the process for normal people. Now imagine being a hypochondriac in 2015. They must think they are at Death’s doorstep 24 hours a day. Constantly checking WebMD and annoying their friends for every hang nail. Apparently that is what happened with this girl who went on dating app Bumble to seek help from strangers while also looking to find love. She was so annoying about her symptoms that she exhausted and strained all of her friendships with her hypochondria.

According to reader email:

This girl is a hypochondriac looking for someone to calm her anxiety — as a boyfriend would do in a relationship.

It’s a friend of a friend — apparently all of her friends got tired of listening to her compulsively talk about her problems and webmd wasn’t pacifying her nerves so she took to Bumble to see if guys would help her with her paranoia.

Talk about finding love in a hopeless place.







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