Girl On ‘The Sex Factor,’ A Reality Show For Amateur Porn Stars, Says It Didn’t ‘Prepare’ Her For What Porn Was Like

by 3 years ago

The Sex Factor is an online reality show where contestants compete to become the next “big” name in porn, however in an interview conducted by Nightline we find out that not every person on the show was happy with the experience. Some are mad that the show was originally supposed to air on television and is now being hosted for free on xHamster, whereas others don’t feel like the “challenges” that the show posed adequately prepared contestants for actual porn. Mostly people are pissed that you can watch the show for free online, which basically means contestants shot porn for free and didn’t get paid.

But then again, what did you expect going into a show called The Sex Factor? There’s no way in a million years, a million years, that this show would ever be broadcast on television – that’s just delusional thinking. And the logic that they should get paid for the free porn that’s being hosted on xHamster is also faulty – as they say in the video, the people on American Idol don’t get paid if they lose, yet they still entertained everyone who watched.

All around, this thing looks like a giant, mishandled clusterfuck.

[Via ABC]

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