Girl Pulls Dirtiest Power Move Ever Conceived In Front Of Guy Who’s Crushing On Her And WOW Did That End Poorly

by 4 years ago


Hey man, at least you know she’s a piece of shit and won’t have to bother yourself with her anymore? Probably not much of a consolation prize but at least it’s something. Now that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with having a threesome; but what I AM saying is that she knew he had a crush on her and pulled this shit right in front of him anyway. That’s crap.

While some of us might’ve just laughed it off and been like “what a bitch,” as you can see Redditor awkwardtifu isn’t taking it so well:

Technically it was last night, but it crossed over into this morning so it counts. And it’s not some humblebrag “I got laid but then x happened.” I’m actually can’t recall ever having felt this worthless in my life.

She drove, we chatted, I made my interest apparent. She seemed to reciprocate. As the night went on and the liquid courage started loosening everybody up, she started getting kinda flirty and feely with a lot of people. Should have been my red flag to get the hell out.


We ended up at another house with two guys who we had been hanging out with at the party. Me and guy #2 played FIFA while she sat on the couch with guy #1. They ended up making out. I figured they were going to have sex and I would just have to live with it because she was my ride home.

Guy #1 gets up and taps guy #2 on the shoulder, and whispers something into his ear. Guy #2 sets his controller down, tells me “it’s all you dude.” She’s on the couch cheesing, and the three of them all head down the hall into the same bedroom. I was still in denial until I heard the bed shaking and her squealing. I sat numb for maybe five minutes before going outside and smoking cigarettes until they made me sick. Tried to go back inside and lay down, but I made it maybe five minutes before I decided I had to go home. It was about a two hour walk. I’m pretty sure I’m not leaving my bed today.

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