Today In The Grossest Story Ever: A Girl Had A Safety Pin Stuck Up Her Nose For Six Months

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/takes massive inhale


A five-year-old girl who complained of runny noses for over six months recently found the culprit: A 1.5 inch long safety pin stuck up her nose.


Doctors diagnosed Khloe Russell of Hemet, California, with a sinus infection and prescribed her antibiotics. Those didn’t work, because that wasn’t a viral infection. The experience sounded awful.

“About six months ago, her nose just started (running) out of this one side. Green, green, green constantly and it stunk,” said Khloe’s mother Katelyn Powell in an interview.

After six months, though, she blew it out one day. Look how fucking gross it is.


Khole admitted it went up her nose when she was building a castle using safety pins.

She totally stuck it up there. Totally. Good work kid.

[Via ABC]

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