Angry Girl Strips Completely Naked In Shopping Mall After Boyfriend Refuses To Buy Her An iPhone 6s (VIDEO)

The logic here is escaping me. I don’t see how being naked = “Oh here’s a brand new iPhone, now where are your pants?” You’d think bargaining with her boyfriend would yield better results as opposed to ripping off all your clothes and screaming. Then again, this DID go down in China, aka the country that’s come up with several inventive ways to chop your dick off so I don’t know what I was really expecting. According to Mirror,

After reportedly failing to persuade her boyfriend to buy her the latest gadget, the woman, who was caught on camera in a shopping centre in China, decided she had only one option.

Note: that is a lie. I can think of hundreds of other options that still require you to wear undies, including oh gee whiz BUYING ONE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY.

… And that option was to strip completely naked in front of hundreds of other shoppers.
In the clip, the woman can be seen exchanging words with her partner before tearing her clothes off and throwing them onto the floor.

No word yet on whether or not the girl’s stripper routine actually got her an iPhone 6s…but I hope not.

[H/T Mirror]