This Chick Bit Off Her Boyfriend’s Ear, But That’s OK Because Her Mug Shot is Kind of Hot

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Let’s be honest with each other: I don’t give a shit about what happened between this chick and her boyfriend, you don’t give a shit about what happened between this chick and her boyfriend; we’re all just here because she took a pretty hot mug shot after she got arrested for biting off the top of the dude’s ear. Is it the hottest mug shot ever? No, it could use substantially more cleavage and a toothless “fuck you” grin, but it’s still not half bad. And when it comes to mug shots and last call at the bar, “not half bad” is really all a guy can ask for.

In the event you did come here because the story behind it compelled you, here that is via NY Daily News:

A 31-year-old Michigan woman was behind bars after she bit off part of her boyfriend’s ear during a domestic dispute over the weekend.

Danielle Nebelung was allegedly chewing her boyfriend’s ear off during a verbal argument around 2:45 a.m. Saturday when the fight turned physical.

As the woman’s 36-year-old boyfriend turned to walk into the bedroom of their Macomb Township home, Nebelung started to punch the man in the face and head.

When he turned away from her, she allegedly hopped on the man’s back and chomped off the top part of his left ear.

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