Girl High On Wisdom Teeth Drugs Can’t Find Her Face, Thinks Her Lip Is Her Nipple And Passes Out Mid-Conversation

Wisdom teeth videos tend to be either hits or misses, never in-between. Sometimes you get a cute, albeit boring girl who thinks she’s a vampire, and sometimes you get a girl who’s absolutely devastated that she didn’t wake up with Nicki Minaj’s ass. Or the guy who has a meltdown when he realizes Beyonce isn’t coming to visit him, or the kid who drops N-bombs all over the place while still woozy on the drugs.

This chick though? A+. This video is 10 minutes and while that’s absurdly long for anything short of a documentary, she never fails to impress. Falling asleep mid sentence, freaking out over nipples, telling her mom to crash into the cars in front of her – girl covers almost all the bases while doing nothing but buggin’ her eyes out of her head and drooling on the floor. Someone take Leo’s Oscar and give it to her, because watching Leo roll around in the snow and grunt for 90+ minutes <<<<<<<< “Oh my god I look like a vampire, no wonder I haven’t got a boyfriend.”

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