Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled, Thinks She’s a Wizard

by 7 years ago

It's been over a month since a responsible parent did the right thing and shared a video of their drugged up kid talking absolute nonsense. This young lady has the dreadful task of having her wisdom teeth pulled. Thankfully, there is a payoff to the excruciating pain: loads of prescription drugs.

The girl is so doped up that she forgets where she lives and declared that she doesn't live in America. She panics when she can't remember where she lives. Her mom reminds her that she lives in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Then this drugged up girl says she lives in Hogwarts, which sounds way, way better than Harrisburg, North Carolina. Then she remembers that she's magical, “I'm a wizard! I forgot!” She thinks that the dentist put a spell on her so she wants revenge. So naturally she grabs her light saber, which is invisible. 

The video ends with this young wizard lovingly say, “Ohhhhh I love this medicine.” I can't wait to see this girl and her new prescription drug addiction on “Intervention” next season.