World’s Worst Girlfriend Sold Her Boyfriend’s Dog on Craigslist While He Was Deployed to Afghanistan

by 5 years ago


When Robby Gabbert was deployed to Afghanistan in March he left his dog, Baxter with his girlfriend. Then, after he left, the bitch turned around and sold the dog on Craigslist, like it was a piece of fucking Ikea furniture.

But wait. It gets better. Or, rather, WORSE.

Gabbert’s dog, Baxter has since been located by his family, since he’s still deployed for another six months, but according to KOAA, the Colorado family who purchased the dog has refused to give it back (as of June 16). “They keep saying they have children that are attached,” Robby’s mother, Karen, told News 5. “Well my child is attached to the dog. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he’s not my child.” The family — whose name is being protected, presumably so people don’t bomb their fucking house — has been offered $1,400 and help to find their kids a new dog. And yet, they still refuse, BECAUSE WE GOTTA PROTECT THE CHILDREN.

UPDATE: Colorado news station KOAA 5 posted an update on Facebook saying he’s getting his dog back:

We just got word from organizers of the “Help Bring Baxter Home 2014” Facebook page that they have the family’s word that Baxter will be returned to Robby. They are still reaching an agreement, but the Facebook page has been removed at the family’s request.


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