My Girlfriend Forced Me Into A Threesome? I Caught My Girlfriend Sniffing My Boxers?

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Q: So over the past few months I’ve started to click with this girl. We have made out a couple times at parties, but that is about it. She knows that I have been into her for awhile, but has never really said anything about it. I have made my intentions about what I want to do pretty clear with her (I literally told her that she is beautiful and I want to hook up with her…drunken mistake i guess).

I’m wondering if it is worth it to continue to try to pursue this with only a couple weeks remaining, or if I should continue to just try to hook up with random girls for the remainder of my time left in college. The only thing holding me back from this is that I like her a lot and I most likely will be staying in the same city, minutes away from campus for my job upon graduating.

A: Hook up with random chicks while pursuing this girl. That way you get the best of both worlds, and if nothing ever pans out with the girl then you didn’t waste your last couple weeks in college following around some lady begging for attention.

Or, if you don’t like that, just ditch her completely and hook up with random chicks, graduate, then hit up the girl again. That way you’ve got the “college” completely out of your system and you can pursue her full-time without wondering “aw dude am I missing out on stuff?” on the side.

Q: The other day I came home early from work and caught my girlfriend sniffing my boxers. We had an argument over it because I told her that was weird and she kept insisting it wasn’t. That’s weird, right? I’m not insane am I?

A: Yeah that’s weird. Men are disgusting and fart all the time (or at least my boyfriend does, dunno about the rest of you boners…) so that’s mad nasty. You’re not insane, your girlfriend just has a weird thing going on. Maybe next time knock before you enter so she can hide the fact she’s been sniffing your boxers, that way you’ll avoid the argument altogether and she can still be a creep. Win-win!

Q: I’ve been with this girl for four years. I love her and care about her. We went to college together, had our ups and downs, sometimes fight about literally the dumbest shit, but I love her. When we started dating, I felt like world was literally at my fingertips. I just finished my first year in the gym, was at my peak physical fitness and was doing me the best I ever had.

Recently, I’ve fallen off a bit. I’ve gained back the weight I lost in the gym, have lost the spark I had for things I used to love, and have been wondering if there is more out there for me. This is my first relationship, and I guess in some ways I’m just curious about what else is out there.

I’ve considered telling her how I feel, but I usually tell myself I’m just being stupid. But I can’t seem to shake that nagging feeling. What else is out there? There are girls at work that I think are cute, and I think it’d be cool to hang out with them. Should I consider seeing what else is out there, or am I being stupid?

A: Sooo basically you fell in love with her when you were hot and at the top of the world, then you got fat and now you feel “meh” towards her? Sounds to me like you’re on a downswing and you’re looking for an easy way to make yourself feel better, aka by boning random girls who aren’t your girlfriend.

Then again it is your first relationship, and the feeling of “Ho hum is there anything better out there?” is normal after a given amount of time has gone by. In this case you have two options:

1. Dump her and go run around like a freed spring chicken
2. Stick with her and try to remember why you fell in love with her in the first place

Both choices are acceptable, it all just depends on what you want. Do you think this relationship is at a dead end? Do you see it going any further? If not, might as well dump her and see what you’re missing out on. But if you’re on the fence…I would just wait. Once you break up with her it’ll be hard to go backwards, mostly because crawling back with the excuse “I fucked up I’m dumb there’s nothing better out there help meee” is pathetic and she’ll probably spit in your face.

Whatever you decide, you have to stick with it.

Q: My girlfriend forced me into a threesome with me, my best friend (guy) and herself. In reality I think all she wanted to do was fuck my best friend and a threesome was the only excuse she could come up with to do it acceptably. I left the threesome for 5 minutes because I wasn’t feeling good about the whole thing, then when I went back I saw my girlfriend and friend going at it in MY bed, felt sick to my stomach and went to sleep on the couch. It’s fucked that they just went ahead without me, and it’s fucked that my girlfriend didn’t even come to check on me at any point. I feel stupid because what guy DOESN’T want a threesome, am I just being a whiner? What do I do?

A: Talk to her about why you’re upset and if she’s not receptive to it then dump her ass to the street. You DO have good reason to be upset. She basically fucked your BFF under the ruse of a threesome, and then when it became a two-some she kept going. That’s fucked up, and I’m pretty sure in the state of Texas that’s grounds for shooting her in the head (no it’s not I made that up please don’t tell me you’re from Texas).

Even if she apologizes, I’d still dump her. She pretty much just cheated on you and forced you into giving consent…that’s manipulative, shitty, and just all-around bad girlfriend material.

Q: I’ve been dating this girl for 2 years, long distance. She lives in America, but she’s studying abroad in another country so she’s only home during the summer. Recently, I found out she has another Instagram account that I wasn’t aware of and had blocked me from it, and when I asked her about it she said it was because she didn’t want her friends to follow me on her main account.

Sounds like bull to me, but she said she would unblock me. When I went to look at the account, she had deleted 40 pictures from it! Her excuse for THAT was “Oh I didn’t want you to see those pics of me, but I promise I’m not sneaking behind your back.” I know those photos are pictures of her at clubs and bars and what-not which bothers me because I don’t like her being plastered at the club because she does stupid shit. I feel like she’s hiding something from me but I don’t know.

A: She’s probably hiding exactly what you said: pictures of her being drunk as shit at the club. Why is she hiding that? For the exact reason you said: because you don’t like that stuff and it pisses you off. If you’re afraid she’s cheating on your just stop right there because she’s not – or at least if she is, she’s (hopefully) not dumb enough to put the evidence on fucking Instagram. Most likely she just doesn’t want to get into fights with you over stupid pictures on the Internet, so calm your tits and let her go have fun. She’s studying abroad; it’s basically a requirement in your syllabus that you’re supposed to be hammered every night. Ease up, let her have fun and stop worrying over a fucking Instagram account.

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