Girlfriend Tries To Frame Her Boyfriend By Throwing Herself Out Of A Moving Car

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This lady clearly has some MAJOR mental issues, so I don’t wanna pile on here by making a joke out of this, but WTF lady. A judge in Dallas, Carlos Cortez, was arrested for domestic violence after his girlfriend, Maggie Strother, told officers that he assaulted her. Cortez always contested the claim and said Strother often mixes alcohol with pills and threatens to harm herself. S’ing my damn H.

Apparently Strother would pull crap like this a lot. In another incident where she was wasted and they were driving home, she opened the car door and threw herself out on the street in order to make it look like Cortez had beaten her. Throwing yourself out of a moving car is such a lame move that girlfriends pull, amiright, fellas?

Here’s my free advice to all the dudes out there – if you’re at a point in a relationship where you feel the need to document your girlfriend trying to harm herself to frame you, that’s as good a reason as any to break up with her. I know it’s not that simple a lot of the time, but if your girl is doing something like that, she’s not gonna one day suddenly change into a model girlfriend. Get the lady help and remove yourself from the situation. You’re not doing her a favor by sticking around.

Read more of the story and see other videos related to the case over at FOX4 Dallas.

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