Girlfriend Gets Scathing REVENGE On Cheating Boyfriend By Posting Video Of Herself In Bed With Another Dude

by 4 years ago

There are so many ways to get back at your ex for cheating, but generally they are really dumb ideas that have terrible repercussions. These acts of retaliation are not well-thought out because one does not possess sound judgement when they are caustically mad.

For instance, some people cover their ex’s car with period pads; that’s littering, littering and… really disgusting. While others write “Lil dick” on their ex’s vehicle; that’s criminal and malicious destruction of property that can land you in jail. Other people burn their former lover’s house down; that’s arson and you’ll go to jail.

Other people will attempt to get at their erstwhile sweetheart by throwing their clothes out onto the front yard, but that doesn’t really have the revenge factor that most people are shooting for.

However this woman appears to have the correct formula that will effectively get vindication on her cheating ex. She unleashed a calculated and blistering bitter revenge on her former beau who committed acts of infidelity by posting a video of herself in bed with another man. And they have no clothes on. No one wants to even think of their lover getting powerbanged by another person, let alone actually seeing them in the afterglow of what appears to be a very satisfying fuck sesh. To make things worse, the rebound cock tells the old dick, “I took your bitch,” then they kiss. Brutal.

When it comes to cheating, turnabout is fair play. She gets sweet, sweet vengeance and she won’t go to jail.