Watch A Bunch Of Girls FREAK The Fuck Out When Someone Slips A Mannequin Head Under Their Bathroom Stalls

by 4 years ago


Okay so this is funny as hell, but at the same time as a girl it’s fucking horrifying. You’re literally trapped in a shitty little metal stall with your pants around your ankles and some creep is tryna take a peek at’chu, what are you options? Besides shit yourself of course. You could get up and try to waddle away, or you could just scream obscenities at whoever it is and hope they get scared away. Both sound pretty ineffective. Yep, the best option is clearly to shit yourself and hope that you ate a dozen eggs earlier so that the stench drives the creeper away.

Then again this “creeper” is just a mannequin head…but in reality that’s even worse. Dead eyes? Wigs flyin’ everywhere? Maybe I’ll never use another public bathroom ever again just to avoid this.

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