A Bunch Of Girls Dished Secrets On Their Keys To Mind-Blowing Sex So Read This If You’re A Giver

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I’m not saying that you any of you bros suck in bed, but statistically speaking there’s at least a handful of our tens of millions of readers who could use some advice on improvement. And there’s no formula to having mind-blowing sex, but there are some loose guidelines you can follow that’ll improve any and every sexual situation. Thankfully for anyone looking to become better between the sheets a ton of girls shared their secrets to having mind-blowing sex, and I’ve collated all of those secrets into an easily readable format for you bros below.

The responses came from a thread over on AskReddit titled ‘[Nsfw] Girls of reddit, what is that one thing that makes all the difference before/during/after sex?’, and I’ve pulled only the best/ones worth reading for you bros. So get to scrolling if you’re interested in unlocking all the secrets of sex (WARNING: some of the reading material below may be considered ‘NSFW’ for some of you so read at your own risk)

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