New Site Recommends Vacation Destinations Based on Attractiveness of Girls

by 6 years ago

According to their press release: 

GirlsOnAMap, the first travel website designed for bachelors, announced its public launch today. The website allows viewers to see what real girls look like around the world, rate them, learn about their culture and habits, and recommends travel destinations based on the user’s interests and ratings.

“In the U.S. alone, more than 28% of all leisure travelers overseas are between 18 to 34 years of age,” said Kevin Leu, founder and CEO of GirlsOnAMap. “Their tastes are different from the Rick Steves, the Frommers, and the TripAdvisors. They want to see the sites, but they also are looking for a vacation fling. And why not? It’s the elixir of life! With GirlsOnAMap, we’ve built a platform for young, thrill-seeking bachelors – a demographic that other travel sites have ignored.”

In addition to offering insights on women, users from around the world are able to rate the approachability and promiscuity levels of girls around the world. GirlsOnAMap also identifies top user-rated places to meet potential dates, including bars, nightclubs, and local attractions. For travelers spending only a few days in one country before heading to the next, GirlsOnAMap even provides Monday and Tuesday suggestions – off-peak nights – which no other website does. 

I don't want to plant the seeds of thought in people's heads, and I suspect EVERYONE will only use Girls on a Map the way it is intended to be used (see: shallowly ranking girls and their countries based on hotness), but should some war-torn country ever happen to register for having the hottest girls, I wouldn't be surprised, because people be trollin'

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