Have Trouble Giving Chicks an Orgasm? Boy, Do We Have the Solution for You

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One of the more puzzling things in man’s life — a great struggle for some — is how to give a chick an orgasm. Men are easy. If you pull our cords long enough something (see: an eruption) is bound to happen. Unless, of course, we’ve been abusing alcohol, that results in something else happening (see: an apology). Women, on the other hand, are slightly more difficult to figure out. Some have 45,000 orgasms in one sitting, while others can’t achieve an orgasm from intercourse, and then there are those who have never had an orgasm in their life.

Well, there is a drug called Tefina and it’s a nasal gel that has been proven in trials to give women more orgasms. Of course, the catch is your girlfriend or one-time lover needs to be on this drug, but seeing as how it also claims to have no side-effects, chicks will probably be shooting this nasal gel up their snouts like it’s candy.

Via Daily Mail:

During trials, 253 women with the condition in the U.S., Canada and Australia were each given one of three different doses of the drug – or a placebo.

They received treatment for 84 days and the researchers hoped to establish whether the treatment increased the frequency of orgasms.

They also hoped to discover whether the drug caused any side effects.

The researchers discovered that patients given the drug had an average of 2.3 orgasms during the trial period while the placebo group only had 1.7.

They also claim the patients did not suffer any adverse side effects as a result of using the gel.

Sex technology is really making leaps and bounds lately. Condoms that feel like dick skin, Tinder, Hinge, SnapChat, all other sites where whorishness is applauded and now this. For a man who just wants to fuck his way through life, we might be in the golden age of doing exactly that.

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